ILINX Engage

Make the leap from ECM to true digital transformation with continuous enablement of the content and data contained in your business-critical documents and workflows. ILINX Engage transforms content with context, creating living workflows that use documents, data, and retention policies. With user and role-specific views, document access, auditing, and calendar abilities, content becomes a living part of your organizations' process. Managing financial transactions with all their supporting content becomes interactive and informed. Managing application requirements and long-term licensing qualifications remain a continuous workflow with visibility and traceability.

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Enable Content with Context

Make your data useful and interactive, for the life of the business process. ILINX Engage unifies user and content-specific interaction with workflow, data, and the customer experience.

Living Workflow

ILINX Engage expands the traditional workflow of routing for approval and archiving to ongoing processes and continuing transactions. Long-term customer interactions are expanded while enabling sharing of information between business systems and roles.

Extend the Business Process

Applications, financial transactions, and contract administration don't end with the approval workflow. ILINX Engage brings business-critical data needed for decision making, reporting, and audits front and center, creating long-term business value, improved customer experience, and retention.

ILINX Engage Process

Providing business process automation for our customers and partners ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500

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Financial Services

Back office and front office automation for financial services organizations. Improving the customer's experience, internal processes and accelerating funding. Utilize data to evaluate customer interactions and anticipate their needs.

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We design, deliver and support front and back office solutions for entire departments, or specific business processes.

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Higher Education

Improve Accounts Payable, Admissions, Registrar’s Office or HR efficiency by department or through your entire institution by connecting business systems and automating workflows.

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Paperless Courts

Extend your case management system by truly automating every paper-based form from the clerk’s office, to the courtroom, and from the public.

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