ImageSource and our ILINX platform automate business processes, connect legacy systems and deliver faster, simpler, smarter automation. 

ImageSource is a leader in ECM integration and the manufacturer of ILINX software. 

Digital Transformation

Data from paper and electronic documents empowered to automate business processes. Onboard information with eForms and drive approvals and workflow to meet SLA's, improve compliance and reduce risk.

Business Process Management

Automated workflows replace manual processes. Initiate, review and approve transactions accurately, in real time from anywhere, on any device. Easily extend and expand automation across your organization and to your customers.


Intuitively move data and documents from repositories or retired business systems. Prioritize content, create new integrations, enable data and apply retention policies. Increase the business value of your data and improve access to your data.

Our Customers Matter

Providing business process automation for our customers and partners ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500

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April 14, 2021

Have you ever tried to apply for a service or engage in a process that forced you to go to multiple systems and interact with different platforms to complete an application for services? For example, have you had to fill out a form on one screen, upload documents on another, go to another screen to

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January 8, 2021

Technology projects tend to focus on a specific problem or narrow scope. There’s typically a failure or compliance issue that has some urgency. Due to time, budget, leadership support, and any other constraints, we put blinders on. We don’t take a bit more time considering the future needs to evaluate possible solutions for our current

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