Our portfolio includes processing software that increases performance, provides faster time-to-value, improves productivity and reduces your total cost of ownership.

Workflow & Business Process Management

We integrate powerful workflow engines for business process management (BPM) that optimize automation. In addition, we leverage features that include business rules, dashboards, analysis and monitoring tools.

ILINX Capture Workflow

ILINX Capture Workflow moves routing, approval and integration to the front of the content lifecycle, enabling faster, flexible processing. Designed to be extensible and customizable, you can precisely tailor your workflow using an easy to use, visual drag and drop interface.

Oracle BPM suite

The Oracle BPM Suite includes business user-friendly modeling and optimization tools, tools for system integration, business activity monitoring dashboards, and rich task and case management capabilities for end users.

IBM FileNet Business Process Manager

IBM FileNet Business Process Manager (BPM) enables organizations to work with active content to trigger or affect business processes, focusing on tasks, participants, roles, steps, routing, and deadlines. BPM also supports integration with external systems and services.

Conduct & orchestrate your entire business process

Automate from the point of capture. Replace manual processes with digital workflows that automatically route and update documents at any point in the lifecycle of your content. 


(OCR, ICR, HCR and Zonal)

Convert formats

Database integration to look up & auto-fill

Exchange data with LOBs via web services or custom API

Send text & email alerts

Unlock processing from complex & costly systems

ImageSource offers workflow that accelerates any business process, maximizing the number of transactions your organization is able to direct, approve and complete every day—independent from where your content will ultimately reside.

Simple workflow

  • Basic review & approval

Complex workflow

  • Contract approval
  • Claims processing
  • Loan application processing
  • Purchasing approval
  • Transcript processing
  • Invoice processing
  • Customer/employee onboarding
Accelerate any business process with ImageSource ECM solutions

Gain insight into performance & compliance

On-demand analytic tools for your business process
  • Easily integrate workflow with on-demand analytic tools for enhance operational insight
  • Create auditable, repeatable business processes to meet key compliance initiatives
  • Set permissions for users to delete, index and modify batch profiles
  • Workflow modifications can be applied to processing that is in-flight, for immediate compliance or day forward

A robust feature set allows you to accelerate document review & approval

  • ​Easy connectivity to leverage appropriate resources, such as people, data, systems, etc.
  • Track exactly where documents are and who is working on each document within the workflow
  • Set automated notifications to ensure tasks are completed on time
  • Role-based user experience for optimized productivity and security
Accelerate document review & approval processes

Featured case studies

California superior court integrates document management for end-to-end paperless process

Superior Court Integrates Document Management for End-to-End Paperless Processes

ILINX solution offers a cost-effective path for Superior Courts to replace paper-based processes to automate not only courtroom processes, but any department, from AP to payroll.

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National Frozen Foods ECM solution

National Frozen Foods Gets Greener with Web-based Capture and Agile ECM Platform

With paper invoices coming into all four locations and then being sent to corporate, the Accounts Payable process was a logical place for National Frozen Foods to roll out the ECM technology.

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Mazda Streamlines Accounting Through SAP Integration & Web Functionality

ImageSource’s solution allowed Mazda to
utilize a web-based platform, improving
processing speed and ease of use. The solution reduced maintenance/system administration through simplified workflow​...

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