Unify Your Disparate Processes with ILINX Engage

Have you ever tried to apply for a service or engage in a process that forced you to go to multiple systems and interact with different platforms to complete an application for services? For example, have you had to fill out a form on one screen, upload documents on another, go to another screen to make a payment (or send one via snail mail), and then constantly go back to check the status in multiple places?

According to InformationWeek, data silos cause higher costs due to duplicate and redundant IT and application infrastructure. These silos also create a poor customer end-to-end experience. Recent changes in interest rates drove many to refinance their homes or other large financial transactions. This process is an excellent example of all the different platforms, processes, and places consumers must navigate and understand to complete their role. Collect your financial documents, submit them to your lender, get an appraisal, receive it by email, forward it to your lender. Receive loan documents, review, sign, resend to lender. An underwriter is another role looking at all the materials provided. A buyer and a seller double the documents and the number of individuals accessing them. I freely emailed bank statements and employment documents to multiple recipients. Driven by a deadline to complete a re-fi, tight timeline, and the pressure of changing rates, most involved ignore the risk of sharing our personal financial records’ details. Layer on top of that notary, and Covid, and perhaps the applicant’s age and comfort with technology, and you’ve got a mess.

ILINX Engage Process

ILINX Engage is a platform that allows organizations to make the jump from traditional, siloed processes to true digital transformation through seamless unification of processes and data contained in business-critical systems. The platform provides for user and role-specific views, document access, auditing, calendaring, and more so that content can become a living part of an organization’s processes.
As an external stakeholder, ILINX Engage can provide real-time visibility and track every aspect of the workflow, with incomplete tasks, reminders, and other alerts to ensure a smooth process.

ImageSource is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, April 28th at 10 a.m. PT to explore use cases and the value that ILINX Engage can bring to the unification of processes. ImageSource’s CTO, Randy Weakly, will dive deeper into the platform and explore the following:

  • How to interact with constituents, customers, stakeholder, and employees with personalized experiences
  • How to transform content routing and approval to living workflows
  • Various use cases and opportunities where ILINX Engage provides tremendous value

To register, click here, and let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see you there and are looking forward to sharing more about ILINX Engage!

If you’ve already registered, what are you most excited about and looking forward to on the webinar? We would love to hear from you. Send us a comment below.

Kristina Linehan is an experienced Account Executive at ImageSource. She focuses on government organizations, helping automate business processes from Public Assistance to Licensing. She’s helped organizations move solutions to the cloud, integrate with line of business applications, as well as augment their solutions with managed services to increase their bandwidth and optimize their staff.