Student Services

Complete, secure student records that can be acted on quickly and made available to any department.

Advanced transcript processing:

Automate data extraction, checklists & credit calculations


Automated processing—automatically extract specific data from incoming transcripts, create industry standard TS130 transcations, and update your ERP / SIS.

  • Reduce processing from weeks to as little as two days
  • Automatically determine document type
  • Automatically extract information without intervention
  • Convert documents to ideal format type
  • Use an electronic calculator to automatically compute value of incoming credits
  • Gain competitive advantage

California University automates transcript processing

ImageSource helps large University leverage ECM to automate the processing of transcripts, for quicker, better admission decisions.

  • Unstructured table data is extracted from transcripts utilizing advanced intelligent capture (OCR, ICR, etc)
  • TS 130 transactions are automatically generated
  • Workflow events are automatically generated
  • Event rules proactively manage the process with automatic email reminders to applicants and staff, and updates to the SIS with new information
  • Transcript data is viewable from within SIS or ERP by simply clicking a button
  • Credits earned and GPA are easily analyzed, while credits are totaled with a simple click using a transfer credit calculator
California State University ECM solution

"As we expand the ECM technology to multiple departments across campus, we are seeing the value of our solution increase exponentially. We are no longer restricted by departmental solutions that prevent the necessary sharing of common information."

Peter Deutsch, Senior Director of IT, Student Services

Enable self-service with electronic forms on web portal

Allow students, staff & business partners to upload and download documents in a secure interface

Upload and download documents with electronic forms or web portal
  • Enable self-service
  • Convenient, fast responses
  • Rules-based—accurate & complete
  • Integrate with SIS to auto-fill form fields
  • Feed information into your systems, real time
  • Upload documents from any device
  • Eliminate data entry mistakes and rework, save time and resources
  • Reduce costs associated with paper shipping, tracking and replacement of lost documents
  • Configure notification settings and tracking

MiraCosta College student enrollment information syncs with other departments

With a growing population of nearly 19,000 students, MiraCosta's dated content management system could no longer keep up with demand, so they partnered with ImageSource to implement a new, enterprise-capable system.

  • Entirely web-based, MiraCosta college cuts IT costs, streamlines information services through a user-friendly ECM system
  • Electronically process over 45,000 enrollment applications and have them readily available to other departments
  • Eliminate storage, searching for and retrieving documents
  • Easy-to-use interface allows MiraCosta staff to train employees to use the software in minutes, dramatically reducing costs associated with adoption and support
MiraCosta College content management solution

"We thought that implementing a content management solution meant paying for a bunch of complicated features that we would never use. In the ILINX ECM platform, we have cutting-edge technology that suits our needs perfectly in an easy-to-use package."

Karen Brown, Network Specialist, MiraCosta College

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