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As the cost of inefficiently managing your content continues to rise, it's more important than ever to put effective, usable information governance technology in place. We implement a range of records management, from simple, automated disposition to complex enterprise solutions with integrated workflow and archiving. Apply your records management policies and practices on both paper and electronic records, as well as on content in remote repositories such as file systems, content management systems and email archives. We help you turn your liabilities into assets.

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ILINX provides a streamlined alternative to complex and expensive records management systems, from creation to disposition and final destruction of your documents and data.

IBM records management helps organizations enforce centralized policy management for retention schedules, legal preservation holds and auditing.

WSDOT gets new records & retention management solution with technology refresh

WSDOT released an official RFP to replace Oracle 10g. It included 265 technical requirements for imaging, document management, workflow, retention management, and COLD processing. Of the finalist, the WSDOT committee decided that ILINX software, the solution recommended by ImageSource, best met the agency's sweeping requirements.

  • ILINX is built on a .NET framework, which gives the platform a critical advantage over Java based software
  • ILINX Export was utilized for content migration to move documents out of Oracle 10g to ILINX Content Store
  • ILINX Export was leveraged to provide the mandatory retention management functionality outlined in the RFP
Washington State Department of Transportation ECM Solution

A simple solution that delivers tangible value & cost savings


In this video, learn about the affordable, flexible and extensible records retention solution that organizations are implementing after evaluating their needs against recommended standards, like DoD-5015. This solution features:

  • No specialized resources
  • Low total cost
  • Agile & adaptable technology

Lifecycle management: Leverage the value of your content in the active use phase

By thinking beyond the end of your content's life-cycle, the right technology will equip you to exploit it's value while in active use. An effective solution will provide easy integration of your data assets to help optimize the return on investment in your information asset.

A solution that leverages your ERP or line of business systems

Records Management Enhances Customer Service at City of Bellevue

The City of Bellevue put in place an enterprise-wide imaging and records management solution supporting the entire city as one business process. From city clerk to the fire department, the system handles over 4 million pages accessible to more than 200 of the 1200 city employees.
Not only did the City of Bellevue resolve their records management needs, but also serve as an infrastructure for future technology initiatives.

  • Reduce storage space, automate routine business processes, improve audit trails, and built a foundation for future technology
  • Core enterprise-wide solution designed and implemented in less than a month
  • City staff have the ability to scan more than 2,700 documents received or created each day
City of Bellevue ECM solution

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