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Notice for ILINX Capture and Content Store customers: complimentary self-signed digital certificate to expire December 31, 2019 – potential security warning when launching client applications

Summary: ILINX Capture and Content Store customers that used the free self-signed digital certificate included with the ILINX product installations are encouraged to re-sign their ILINX application files with a new digital code signing certificate prior to December 31, 2019.

Details: One of the final steps in preparing any ILINX Capture or Content Store installation is to digitally sign the application files using the Microsoft mageui.exe utility and a digital code signing certificate. As a convenience, ImageSource provides a free self-signed certificate that can be used if a customer chooses not to purchase or generate their own certificate. The free self-signed certificate that ships with all versions of ILINX Capture and Content Store will expire December 31, 2019. If the ILINX Capture and Content Store application are not re-signed, users will potentially see a browser security warning dialog (shown below) when launching the respective client applications. Users can simply click the “Run” button and the ILINX clients will continue to function as normal. To avoid this warning, customers will need to re-sign their ILINX Capture and Content Store client application files using a new digital certificate.

Customers can obtain a new complimentary self-signed digital certificate from the ImageSource Technical Support Download Center today. The new signing certificate expires December, 2100 (approximately 81 years). Customers may also purchase a digital code signing certificate from a third-party Certificate Authority (CA) or generate their own self-signed certificate using tools provided by Microsoft (additional information can be found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/tools/sn-exe-strong-name-tool)

Once you have obtained a new digital signing certificate, re-sign the ILINX Capture and Content Store application files using the procedures described in the ILINX product installation guide beginning at the MAGEUI execution step. The ILINX product installation guides are available on the ILINX Help Center (e.g. https://helpcenter.ilinx.com/installation-guide-86/#Configuration): https://helpcenter.ilinx.com/

Note, this announcement applies only to the ILINX Captureand Content Store products. ImageSource products such as ILINX Flex, Analytics, Import, Export, etc. are not impacted by this certificate expiration.

If you have any questions about this notice or need assistance in re-signing your ILINX Capture or Content Store application files, please contact ImageSource Technical Support.

Best Regards,
ILINX Help Center Staff