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Successfully migrating content from system to system since 1994

Migration solutions for all systems

ImageSource has extensive experience  migrating document and data to and from the following systems:

  • ILINX Content Store
  • Optika Acorde
  • Stellent UCM & IBPM
  • Oracle IPM & WebCenter Imaging
  • IBM FileNet P8
  • OTG ApplicationXtender
  • EMC
  • ATI Filer
  • LaserFiche
  • SharePoint
  • OLE DB
  • Fortis
  • Minolta Doc-Xnet
  • 170 Systems
  • TerraScan
  • Proprietary & custom systems
  • ERPs & Line of Business systems

Our time-tested methodology

Categorize content

Catalog content by indexes, field data and file format

Measure business value

Defined by ownership, frequency of access, retention requirements and cost of ownership of old system

Define migration effort

Effort can be affected by things like mismatched data, one-to-many content, incomplete metadata, orphaned  & incomplete data, integrations, etc.

Prioritize migration order

Use weighting system to determine which content will be migrated, in what order

Execute migration

Use flexible tools that allows you to configure file output specifications like: format, indexes, folder structures, etc.

WSDOT migration to new ECM platform from expiring Oracle 10g

WSDOT released an official RFP to replace Oracle 10g. It included 265 technical requirements for imaging, document management, workflow, retention management, and COLD processing. Of the finalist, the WSDOT committee decided that ILINX software, the solution recommended by ImageSource, best met the agency's sweeping requirements.

  • ILINX is built on a .NET framework, which gives the platform a critical advantage over Java based software
  • ILINX Export was utilized for content migration to move documents out of Oracle 10g to ILINX Content Store
  • ILINX Export enables annotations to migrate with documents as they move from Oracle 10g to ILINX Content Store
Washington State Department of Transportation ECM Solution

ILINX ERM Report Capture Provides Suzuki with Imaging Solution for COLD Reports

American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) currently markets vehicles in the United States through a network of approximately 500 automotive dealerships throughout 49 states. Suzuki recognized that in order to provide good service to their dealers, they would need to respond quickly to requests for automotive invoices, parts invoices, credit and debit memos, AR statements and warranty claims.

  • Processes for accessing warranty claims, credit and debit memos, AR statements, vehicle invoices, parts invoices, and more, have been significantly streamlined.
  • Huge efficiency gains have also been realized with the ability to fax and e-mail documents directly to dealers through automation provided by the IPM system.

We use powerful software to optimize your migration

Built for speed

  • Run multiple instances simultaneously for large scale exports
  • Can export up to 20 documents per second in a controlled environment

Fine-tune your exports

  • Export to a variety of file formats, including PDF & TIFF
  • Exported files can be transferred to an array of paths, including network or FTP
  • Destination directory & annotation options
  • Include or exclude annotations associated with a particular document when exported
  • Index settings can be configured to output to multiple locations including CSV or database
  • Optimized for multi-user client server environment, leveraging multi-threading capabilities of IIS

Also use for ad-hoc & managed exports

  • ​Allows searches using a wide variety of search parameters, including index values, metadata, file names
  • Can be configured to crawl to execute at specific intervals

Economically execute consumption-friendly exports, on demand

  • Enables the posting of information for public consumption or credentialed users
  • Pool a configurable amount of user licenses for export purposes, allowing internet community access to image files, while reducing user access loads
ILINX Export Migration tool

Methodical project management ensures success, enables self-support in large-scale migration to ILINX ECM with 150+ users

Aerospace manufacturing company enables self-support in large-scale migration to ILINX ECM

An aerospace manufacturing company made intentional effort to expand its ERP footprint by integrating ECM systems with every new business process implementation.

  • ILINX Export enabled the automated and efficient migration of 10 million documents, requiring only validation
  • The platform was chosen for its .NET web-based functionality, faster processing times, ease of mastery for both users and administrators, high performance search capability and favorable licensing model

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