Tribal Solutions

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Is your information working effortlessly for you?

Paperless business solutions empower you to leverage your information to advance efficiency, security, visibility and compliance in every department.
We flex to meet your needs, whether it's end-to-end services, or training so your IT department can build out solutions internally. 


Employee management



Cashier MTL logs

Security clearances

CRT processing/ Title 31 compliance


Tribal assistance TANF


Purchase orders

Accounts payable

Land & Timber

DNR permitting


Online billing portal for payment processing

HCFA 1500 bill processing

eDiscovery for records requests

Explanation of benefits



Courts Case management


Agenda packets


eDiscovery for records requests

Optimize document & data flow in your organization


Capture & collect critical information

  • Faxed documents
  • Email messages & attachments
  • Web forms
  • eForms
  • Scanners & MFPs
  • Electronic documents


Automate & control processing of data to meet specific needs

  • Highly configurable workflow
  • Auto-populate data in forms
  • Auto-populate metadata on incoming documents
  • Hands-free processing


Enable secure access inside & outside your organization

  • Share documents across the enterprise 
  • Employee, business partner and customer submit and access information via secure web portal
  • Fast & accurate search


Integrate data & documents with internal & external systems

  • Push & pull information between file systems, databases and line-of-business systems 
  • Integrate data from any & all line-of-business systems

Leverage ECM to extend the power of all your business systems

Am ECM solution that extends the power of all your business systems
  • Deliver content to your knowledge workers directly within the interface of the line-of-business system or ERP
  • Generate and exchange correspondence with your customers
  • Push and pull critical information between your repository and external systems
  • Retrieve up-to-date information with a simple click of a button on any system

On-board mission-critical information anytime, anywhere -
within or outside the enterprise

Automate capture from both paper and electronic sources and transform the information into a variety of digital formats, functional data, or both. Powerful workflow delivers critical information to the systems that manage your business processes.


Ad-hoc or transactional capture to full batch-level production operations

eForms / Webforms

Enable self-service and onsite data capture for applicants, vendors or other constituents


Capture your email and initiate workflow with one click


Empower your mobile workforce to expedite processes

6 ways 
document management can empower your business process

Leverage data from existing systems, unlock critical data in your systems of record to extend the value of your content

Control access through fine-grained security and centralized management

Instantly generate searchable text on scanned documents using OCR and full-text indexing

Reduce the regulatory liabilities and fines associated with records management

Instantly access, search and work with content on any device

Reallocate staff time spent on finding documents and managing records to client service and revenue-generating tasks

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