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WSDOT released an official RFP to replace Oracle 10g. It included 265 technical requirements for imaging, document management, workflow, retention management, and COLD processing. ILINX met their needs.


Learn how the Superior Court of California, Stanislaus County has implemented a paperless case processing solution that includes e-Filing, web calendars, electronic forms and the exchange of data between documents and the case management system.


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ImageSource implemented a system that provided Costco's accounts payable department to access volumes of invoices by expense and merchandise functions. Capital expenditures and fixed asset documents were scanned and stored by the accounting department and easily accessed by the facilities department.


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ModernCTO Podcast

Listen to the latest podcast with our CTO, Randy Weakly, hosted by ModernCTO. They discuss how to get your team bought in during times of transition, the culture challenges that can surface with a global engineering organization and why you should try to learn something new from every person you work with.

Mission Matters Innovation Podcast

Content management integration is becoming more vital to scaling and maintaining effective processes for businesses. How do you know if your processes are optimized? In this episode, Adam Torres and Marni Carmichael, Director of Product Marketing at ImageSource, explore business processes and data management issues that should be top of mind for businesses who are in growth mode.

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