RPA — low risk, high ROI.

ILINX Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates high-volume, low complexity tasks. Agents (or bots) execute repetitive tasks within one or multiple systems, reducing errors and time by eliminating labor-intensive human interaction.

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Integrate RPA into your existing workflow

An essential advantage of RPA is that it can be implemented easily with out significant change to existing business processes. ILINX Workflow simply integrates RPA into your existing systems to replicate how employees interact with the system.

Ideal business processes for RPA

  • Customer or employee onboarding
  • Regulatory compliance reporting
  • Order scheduling/shipment tracking
  • Loan application opening
  • Credit collections
  • Shipment load research
  • Financial account aggregation
  • Customer service: complaints or disputes
  • Supply chain management
  • Insurance claims handling
  • Insurance patient eligibility verification
  • Sales operations

Providing business process automation for our customers and partners ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500

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