ILINX and Microsoft Edge Browser

With the recent release of Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a new web browser called "Microsoft Edge". This browser is new from the ground up with a heavy focus on productivity, performance, security, and will be available across all Windows 10 devices including phone, tablet, XBOX, and PC. Part of the Microsoft Edge security enhancements include the blocking of all third party plugins, extensions, and ActiveX controls. The ILINX Capture and ILINX Content Store clients run as IE extensions which means they will not run within the Microsoft Edge browser.

In short, the Edge browser is targeted for consumer and Windows 10 family devices. Microsoft plans to update the Edge browser more frequently and often with breaking changes going forward. IE is for enterprise customers with requirements around security, manageability via Group Policies, and most importantly backward compatibility. Windows 10 also ships with the standard Internet Explorer 11 which is fully supported by the 7.0 ILINX Capture and Content Store clients. IE 11 will be supported on Windows 10 under Microsoft "Mainstream" support policies until 2020 and "Extended" support until October 2025. The ILINX products will continue to target and support IE as the primary browser platform.