Our expertise is unmatched in city, county and state government organizations. We design, deliver and support front and back office solutions for government. The ILINX platform will take your organization through paper reduction initiatives, to business process and workflow automation, delivering labor cost reduction, compliance and reduce risk of litigation.

Automate any request for information, employee onboarding, permit and licensing applications to name a few. Secure routing, form access, and visibility. Deliver data to business processes, existing applications and any destination. Exceptions and approvals are easily managed on the ILINX platform.
Create a self-service portal, secure but accessible anywhere from any device. Complete forms and applications, and kick off workflows. Easily design custom forms with a simple to use interface and robust themes. Forms are smart with autofill, conditional logic and format support.
Deliver on request for information, secure data for archival, standardize formats and optimize storage. Accurate, complete and secure data is made actionable and accessible with ILINX platform and modules.

We Help Departments:

Dept. of Human Services 
Public Assistance
Dept. of Licensing
Dept. of Transportation
Secretary of State
Dept. of Financial Institutions
Appellate & Superior Courts
Dept. of Public Safety

State Patrol
Liquor Control Board
Dept. of Health
State Colleges & Universities

We Automate Processes:

Accounts payable
Contract approval
Converting paper or film to digital
Benefit processing & management
Case management
Employee onboarding
Permitting & licensing
Application processing via web form or eForm
Onsite inspection processing
Meeting agenda compilation & distribution
Records search
Self-service: constituent & business partner
Records management

ImageSource is a leader in ECM integration and the manufacturer of ILINX software

ImageSource is a recognized leader in consulting, strategic analysis and rapid application deployment of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Founded in 1994, ImageSource is a privately held corporation headquartered in Olympia, WA. We currently provide business process automation for organizations ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500.

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