Replace paper and directly inject information into your business processes with user-friendly, web-based electronic forms software

Electronic Forms

Our electronic forms options offer solutions for creating, deploying and managing powerful, web-based user interfaces for business processes. These highly intelligent, high fidelity eForms connect to existing data sources for accurate and efficient processing and can provide ready-to-use intelligence to improve critical decision making.

Cardiff electronic forms

Cardiff LiquidOffice eForms is a powerful, Web-based software solution for creating, deploying and automatically managing the routing, tracking and approval processes for electronic forms. Capabilities range from internal corporate "web forms" to the comprehensive rules-based forms that drive the core of an organization's business.

ILINX electronic forms

ILINX eForms enables you to easily capture accurate information from a web portal, laptop or tablet. Its lean engine automates the routing, tracking and approval for data extracted from forms across your enterprise. This flexible platform enables easy form design, quick on-site data collection, centralized form and workflow management.  

IBM electronic forms

IBM Forms automates forms-based business processes to help improve efficiency, customer service, and time to value, making you more responsive to customer and market needs. IBM Forms enables both line of business and IT users to create electronic forms with an easy-to-use, Web 2.0 interface.

Design, capture & manage all of the forms used in your business, everyday

Present a better customer service experience, real-time

Ensure accurate, complete and secure data is collected

Enable self-service

Design, capture & manage all forms used in your business

Every organization uses forms. Paper forms are commonly used and can significantly impact the profitability of your organization. They are costly to print and scan, slow to fill out and process, and they are easy to misplace and damage.

An electronic forms solution would eliminate your paper problems and enable you to easily capture accurate information from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Because they are 100% digital, electronic forms are accessible online from all kinds of devices. This will expedite your business processes and ensures the completeness of your form entry, as well as having these forms routed to the right place.

Reduce the length of business cycles, increase profits and drive productivity based on real-time insight into important business data

Quicken business cycles

Boost workforce productivity

Increase data accuracy

Gain a competitive edge

Robust offline data capture capabilities

Real-time reporting

Ensure complete, accurate information, every time

  • Integrate with systems of record to perform database lookup and validation
  • Designate required fields so forms won't be submitted without completion or if there is incorrect data entry
  • Secure routing based on form content as well as securely transmit extracted information to document management, production workflow and line-of-business application
  • Easily enable audit trails for all captured data
Ensure complete, accurate information when filling out our electronic forms

A paper-like form filling experience with multiple ways to capture images & data


Learn about a feature-rich eForm solution, that allows you to capture just about any type of content. 

  • Multi-photo capture
  • Free-form ink
  • Audio
  • Checkboxes
  • Picklists
  • Barcodes
  • GIS/GPS coordinates
  • Database look-ups

Superior court integrates document management for paperless process

ImageSource offered an e-Forms solution for Superior Court to replace paper-based processes to automate not only courtroom processes, but any department, from AP to Payroll.

  • Generate forms prior to hearings and complete right in the courtroom on tablets and desktops
  • Auto-fill form fields through integrations with databases
  • eForms have many time saving tools, such as pop-up calendars
  • Prompts require that all fields are completed and will disable submittal until all information is complete with data, signatures, etc.
  • Forms are easily distributed electronically to justice partners, eliminating the need to print copies on site

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