COLD & Electronic Report Management

Unlock the value of your print data streams and deliver usable documents where and when you need them

Leverage your print stream data

  • Improve response time to consumers
  • Distribute information quickly and cost effectively
  • Manage everything from one system to search, capture, index, display and distribute
  • Information is immediately available to be viewed, faxed, printed or emailed
  • Expedite customer service responses through immediate report access and retrieval
  • Automatically process reports in the back-end
  • Eliminates storage: microfiche, microfilm and paper
COLD and electronic report management solutions

Suzuki dealers create & upload documents from print streams through portal

Suzuki ERM solution

Learn how ImageSource answered the common problem for COLD reports with an innovative solution. With improved access to documents and the ability to distribute information to dealers, Suzuki has changed the way they do business. Processes for accessing warranty claims, credit and debit memos, AR statements, vehicle invoices, parts invoices, and more, have been significantly streamlined.

  • ImageSource implemented ILINX ERM which allows Suzuki to effectively handle all 18 different types of reports
  • Distribute information quickly and cost effectively
  • Manage everything from one system to search, capture, index, display and distribute

Capitalize the value of all your data into new opportunities

  • Leverage your print stream data
  • ILINX ARM, The most Robust Cold/ERM technology
  • 12 input formats, including ASCII text, IBM, AFP, Xerox, Metacode, PCL, Postscript and PDF
  • 10 output formats, including output to standard multi-page TIFF or PDF for consumption by any content management system
  • Burst extracted data into individual documents and deliver with metadata to multiple back-end systems
  • Robust separation & extraction
  • Advanced overlays & watermarks to replicate original document
  • Sophisticated scheduling and alerting
    ILINX Advanced Report Management Software

    Washington State DOT gets new ERM solution with technology refresh

    Washington State Department of Transit

    WSDOT released an official RFP to replace Oracle 10g. It included 265 technical requirements for imaging, document management, workflow, retention management, and COLD processing. Of the finalist, the WSDOT committee decided that ILINX software, the solution recommended by ImageSource, best met the agency's sweeping requirements.

    ILINX ARM provided a solid COLD solution, which parses/extracts data and bursts reports into individual documents, which are delivered with metadata to their content repository.

    "We think ILINX is what current ECM technology should be. ImageSource has taken what is effective In large legacy systems and delivered it on nimble architecture with a simple interface."

    Richard Norrell, Senior ECM Systems Engineer, WSDOT

    ILINX Advanced Report Management

    Learn how ILINX ARM can pick up where the Oracle COLD Processor left off


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