Are you thinking “Cloud First?”

The cloud is a widely used term and gained traction over the last few years. A Forbes article linked to a survey done by IDG indicated that 32% of IT budgets would be dedicated to the cloud this year (2021).

The graphic below from the same IDG survey shows growth in cloud adoption over various organizational groups over the last ten years.

We know many state and local governments prioritize cloud-based solutions for budgeting.  There are many options for ILINX users and ImageSource customer partners to consider when looking at initiatives that leverage the cloud.

A customer-managed relationship with a cloud provider
This model allows your organization to engage with a preferred cloud provider and manage the relationship. In this model, your solution sits in the preferred cloud provider’s infrastructure.

A Customer managed relationship with a cloud provider and ImageSource assists through Managed Services
This model is similar to #1 except that ImageSource manages the solution (not infrastructure) for your organization, allowing your resources to perform other high-value tasks. ImageSource can perform the system health and maintenance, upgrades, updates, etc.

ImageSource hosts an entire solution for the customer
In this model, ImageSource is responsible for both the solution and the infrastructure. ImageSource handles all system health and maintenance tasks, updates, upgrades, etc.

I have experience helping our customer partners through the process of finding the option that is right for them. We can identify what part of the solution benefits most from a move to the cloud through discovery conversations. If the organization is hesitant, we can help move through the options identified above and create a roadmap for a more robust solution that optimizes software license fee budgeting and facilitates sharing technology between departments. We know many workflows depend on multiple systems. Not all of those systems have to be cloud-ready to achieve the benefits of making moves to the cloud. If you’re ready to leap but don’t know where to begin, ImageSource is here to help. Do you have a “cloud-first” initiative at your organization? How can we help you get there?

Kristina Linehan is an experienced Account Executive at ImageSource. She focuses on government organizations, helping automate business processes from Public Assistance to Licensing. She’s helped organizations move solutions to the cloud, integrate with line of business applications, as well as augment their solutions with managed services to increase their bandwidth and optimize their staff.