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Document Imaging: from transaction to production, and everything in between

ImageSource provides a variety of imaging platforms that automate the capture of documents, whether at the leading edge of a transaction or for archival purposes. The platforms we integrate can accommodate centralized production or distributed environments.

ILINX Capture

Today, organizations are moving capture to the front end of their business processes in order to stay efficient, and ultimately competitive. ILINX Capture is a flexible platform that enables the capture of data, documents and critical information without the constraints of physical location.

Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture automates and accelerates business processes by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, transforming them into accurate and actionable information, and delivering it all into your core business applications, processes and workflows


Oracle offers two solutions, Oracle WebCenter Capture and Oracle WebCenter Distributed Capture, that streamline the capture process of paper and electronic documents.


Datacap data extraction technology automates the conversion of unstructured and physical data - email files, JPEG and GIF image files, and power point presentations - into actionable insight in seconds. It eliminates physical handling and accelerates the dissemination of information throughout an organization.

Distributed Capture solution results in 66% fewer support tickets

North Dakota ECM solution

North Dakota has implemented a statewide capture solution as a service for both paper & electronic documents, extending the ingestion of information that's essential for agencies to provide vital services.
Managed by the Information Technology Department (ITD), this solution has replaced aging capture system with technology that is affordable, flexible and completely extensible using internal resources.

  • ITD rolls out capture solution to 3,200 users across 16 state agencies
  • ITD accommodates users distributed across entire state
  • Includes email capture solution for 750 users
  • IT has experienced 66% fewer capture support tickets

End-to-end automation with Advanced Capture

These capture platforms provide powerful automation to increase processing speed, reduce operating costs and increase visibility of documents and data, resulting in faster customer service, greater profitability and reduced risk of compliance failure.

  • increase efficiency & reduce costs
  • a solution for all document forms
  • Rapid ROI through the elimination of labor-intensive operations
  • Web-based clients and easy-to-configure data extraction ensure low total cost of ownership
  • Unmatched accuracy for recognition, classification and validation
  • Reduce processing time, costs and storage space for paper documents
  • Advanced architecture allows for effective everyday processing of large document volumes
End-to-end automation at multiple levels
ImageSource ECM EcoSystem

To determine what level of Advanced Capture will provide ROI for your business process, we recommend a consulting engagement. We can help:

  • Analyze your business problem/challenge
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement
  • Provide business vision
  • Define technology requirements
  • Build a business case

Capture data onsite, via a web portal and enable self-service with eForms

Capture data via a web porta

Capture and access accurate information immediately using Electronic Forms.

Learn more...

  • Accelerate business cycles
  • Improve customer service
  • Boost workforce productivity
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Gain competitive edge
  • Capture data offline & sync
  • Real-time reporting

Mobile Capture—Empower your mobile workforce to expedite processes

Capture from your smartphone or tablet and push content into your business process for immediate consumption within your enterprise. Gain competitive advantage by capturing on the go to accelerate business transactions and eliminate lag time associated with traditional operations.

Real-time capture, flexible delivery

  • Easily submit captured information into document management production workflow and line-of-business applications
  • Connect easily to ILINX Capture server

Produce clean, searchable content right from the beginning

  • Capture on the go - real-time mobile engagement
  • Use device camera
  • Pull from image library
  • Download from internet
  • Save attachment from email
  • Save files as PDF, TIFF or native format
  • Crop, adjust and position capture images
  • Centrally configure enterprise-level validation
  • Create 100% searchable PDFs
Mobile capture empower your mobile workforce to expedite processes
  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • field inspections
  • Healthcare
  • Capture & upload medical images from mobile devices
  • Increase physician engagement across different departments
  • Enable patients to be more involved in their treatment
  • Reduce unnecessary and costly visits for patients

Download ILINX Capture Mobile from your app store.

Capture your email and initiate workflow with one click

With a simple right click of your mouse, our email capture technology allows you to contribute and index single or multiple email messages, including attachments, to your ECM system.

Capture your email and initiate workflow with one click
  • Capture from any email field, including subject, sender, recipient, date, etc.
  • Capture body, attachment, or both
  • Inject directly into workflow
  • Capture multiple data types
  • Automate database lookups
  • Enable authentication-based processing

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