Capture data from any source to drive your business processes. Connect existing systems and onboard information early from any location. ILINX is quick and easy to use, deploy and access. Designed for desktop, production or high volume environments with no page count costs. We easily scale to your organizations needs.

Capture as a platform.

Acquire data from any source -
Paper or electronic documents -
Mobile devices, mfps, kiosks -
eForms/webforms and portals -
Information captured drives workflows -

Creates compliance and

enhances customer experiences.

ILINX Platform of Capture
With no page counts or other limits, ILINX as an on-premise solution meets your infrastructure where it is to acquire data from any device, anywhere in a workflow, anywhere in your organization.
Cloud Capabilities
ILINX is a browser-based application. Introduce documents or data into workflows from anywhere. Collaborate with other cloud systems or repositories with the consistency and security of your existing policies.

Handling Documents
Paper, electronic, any format from any device. Interact with documents to make the data usable for your business processes and compliant with retention policies.

Capture Data from eForms
Fast approval and completion of requests and transactions. eForms capture data and drive processes from any access point. Applications, requests for information, donations and registrations are tracked, managed and routed for approval identical to paper-based workflows.
Mobile Capture
Capture Mobile
Capture on the go for faster business process. Capture, index, and route images to ILINX and your workflows via phone or tablet.

Advanced Capture
Advanced Capture
Meet high volume, complex document processing needs by automatically identifying batches, document types and validating critical data. ILINX Advanced Capture accelerates processes to pay workflows and helps meet time-sensitive compliance requirements.

ImageSource is a leader in ECM integration and the manufacturer of ILINX software

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