Format Conversion

Critical information is only useful if it’s accessible. PDF is available externally, TIFF may be required for business processes and workflows and MS Office documents may be provided by users. As documents and data move between users and systems formats don’t have to be an obstacle. ILINX Capture Format Converter can change from multiple document types to a single page or multipage TIFF or PDF. Centralizing conversion to the ILINX platform provides document security and consistency.

Automated, Simple, Flexible

ILINX Capture Format Converter easily integrates into your ILINX environment. Requiring no programming, managing many document types including Office documents to TIFF or PDF for consistency in workflow/business systems, viewing, and security. Choose the resolution and output file type for TIFF, PDF (full text searchable, image only or PDF/A) based on your retention and sharing policies. This secures documents, reduces changes and minimizes duplicate storage. Capture Format Converter can run unattended and continuously.

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