Capture as a Platform for Workflow and Compliance

Capture data from any source to drive your business processes. Connect existing systems and onboard information early from any location or source.

Acquire data from any source.

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Ease of use

Quickly and easily capture information from a desktop, mobile device, MFP, or scanner. The intuitive interface of ILINX capture is quickly mastered with minimal training. 

Customer experience

Access from any location via a browser as a knowledge worker, administrator, or IT specialist. Our web-based platform is easy to access, use, and maintain. The ILINX Capture interface is customizable, by user or group, providing access to only the necessary documents and steps for individual users.  Easily add custom business logic to automate a manual process. 

Ease of deployment
ILINX Capture can be deployed in days, even hours, versus weeks or months. ILINX Capture can be deployed as a SaaS or on-premise solution, and easily maintained remotely. 

Lower the total cost of ownership
No page count licensing means you can grow and expand your solution without budget constraints. ILINX Capture reduces the costs associated with paper, storage, and manual processes. 

Increase the value of content

ILINX optimizes images for automated processing and automate index, classifying, and validating documents from a simple user interface. Create searchable content, and prevent data loss by protecting personally identifiable information (PII) in any work environment. 



Featured Success Story

WSDOT thoroughly evaluates options and starts successful migration to ILINX from expiring Oracle 10g platform.


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Financial Services

Back office and front office automation for financial services organizations. Improving the customer's experience, internal processes and accelerating funding. Utilize data to evaluate customer interactions and anticipate their needs.

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We design, deliver and support front and back office solutions for entire departments, or specific business processes.

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Higher Education

Improve Accounts Payable, Admissions, Registrar’s Office or HR efficiency by department or through your entire institution by connecting business systems and automating workflows.

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Paperless Courts

Extend your case management system by truly automating every paper-based form from the clerk’s office, to the courtroom, and from the public.

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Providing business process automation to our customers and partners ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 for over 26 years. 

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