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Designed for the most business critical data and high volumes of documents and forms. Advanced Capture reduces and eliminates time consuming costly manual document separation methods, then automatically finds and captures the business critical data from the documents. This data drives business processes, routes approvals and facilitates document security policies-automatically in your line of business system and on the ILINX platform. 

ILINX Advanced Capture

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Document types are identified without pre-sorting into batches or using separator sheets. Find the most important data in the document and validate it. Automatically locates and verifies signatures, addresses, invoice numbers, and dollar values.


Document and system performance monitoring quickly identifies low confidence data and address it immediately. Easily distribute tasks across stations and balance loads. Microsoft cluster support ensures consistent operation and prevents data loss.

Testing & Analytics

The easy interface provides real-time testing, results and monitors performance in one system. Get real-time stats on batch processing and performance of recognition and validation. See how often documents are corrected and adjust settings, or quickly address user errors.



Featured Success Story

North Dakota IT has rolled out ILINX Capture to 3,200+ users across 18 state agencies. The unified platform allows them to utilize a common skillset to extend capture and workflow functionality to include email and electronic forms now, and end-to-end automation in the future.


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Financial Services

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Higher Education

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Paperless Courts

Extend your case management system by truly automating every paper-based form from the clerk’s office, to the courtroom, and from the public.

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Providing business process automation to our customers and partners ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 for over 26 years. 

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