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Our expertise is unmatched in city, county and state government organizations. We design, deliver and support front and back office solutions for entire departments, or specific business processes. The ILINX platform will take your organization through paper reduction initiatives, to business process and workflow automation, delivering labor cost reduction, compliance and reduce risk of litigation.

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Automate processes like benefit enrollment, employee on boarding, permit and licensing applications to name a few. ILINX secures routing, access, visibility and other permissions based on your established security and user roles. Deliver data to other business processes, external systems, applications or any destination. Exceptions and approvals are easily managed on the ILINX platform.


Create a self-service portal, secure but accessible anywhere, and from any device. Easily design custom forms with a simple to use interface and robust themes. Forms are smart with auto-fill, conditional logic and format support. eForms are an excellent alternative to scanning or centralized paper processing. Users complete forms and applications, and kick off workflows. 


Accurate, complete and secure data is made actionable and accessible with ILINX platform and modules. Manage unique retention policies for individual processes or document types. Automatically deliver requests for information, and secure data for archival with standardize formats optimized for storage.

Providing business process automation for our customers and partners ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500

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