Digital Transformation

Focusing people on tasks that require their knowledge is the objective of any digital transformation solution. RPA or foundational technologies like indexing or optical character recongition provide actionable data for your most valuable asset-your employee's, to utilize. 

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Document Management

Document management is the cornerstone of any digital transformation strategy. Converting manual paper processes to digital data on-ramps and automated workflow can bring your organization's data to life. The ILINX platform ensures compliance, secured sharing of data and content between business systems, and users. 


ILINX RPA automates high volume, low complexity tasks. Bots execute repetitive tasks in one or multiple systems eliminating human interaction and allowing your skilled staff to focus on value-add tasks and decision making. RPA works with your existing system to provide a quick return on investment and measurable gains in time to processes (RPA works 24/7). Completely scalable and auditable, RPA is perfect for spikes and compliance.

Advanced Capture

Enable workflows in the most involved and integrated business systems with Advanced Capture. Designed for the most business critcal data and high volume documents. Advanced Capture reduces and elminates time consuming and costly manual document seperation methods, then automatically find and capture the busnes critical data from the documents. This data drives business processes, routes approvals and facilitiaties document security and rentention polices-automatically in your line of business system and on the ILINX platform. 


eForms are a data on-ramp replacing paper forms and electronic files like PDFs. Transforming data from anywhere enables automated workflows and business processes. Internal users, employees, or customer can submit data 24/7 with ILINX eForms. A mobile device, webpage, or portal become digital transformation touchpoints. i



Featured Success Story

MiraCosta College Cuts IT Costs, Streamline Information Through User-Friendly ECM system. ILINX Capture and ILINX Content Store offered compatibility to MiraCosta's existing infrastructure without the need to install software locally.

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