ILINX Capture: Scanning in a Production Environment

ILINX Capture utilizes a web based platform that combines functionality as well as ease of use while scanning in a production environment.  This platform allows production workers to remotely tap into the system to perform any task in the production workflow.  Capture makes use of many different image enhancement techniques.  In ILINX Capture’s production environment, batches move through the processes in an efficient and organized workflow.

ILINX Capture’s web based platform makes it possible for a technician to scan and process batches from remote locations.  This feature allows technicians convenient access to the production environment while not at the same locations.  Each process in the workflow (ie Capture, Classify and Indexing) can be performed by an operator whether or not they are on site.  Knowledge workers can answer questions without having to look over the shoulder of the production worker.

ILINX Capture has many functional image enhancement tools for scanning less than good quality paper.  Images can be replaced, inserted or appended at any stage in the workflow process.  Images can be copied into various places throughout the batch.  Images can also be printed at anytime during the workflow.  If images are scanned out of order and need to be corrected, with ILINX Capture you can move images around after they scanned into the system.

The most important aspect of Production Scanning is efficient workflow.  ILINX Capture workflow allows batches to move seamlessly from one process to the next.  Batches can also be moved backwards in the workflow if they need to be reworked.  With ILINX Capture you can use any scanner as long as the PC you are using has the twain drivers installed on it.  In the user window, a batch can be easily found at any stage in the workflow without confusion or the necessity of using the Server Manager.

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