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Explore ILINX Content Store

Quick introduction to ILINX Content Store our easy-to-use web-based content repository with built-in capture. This secure repository provides scalable and affordable capture, search and storage for all of your document types and digital assets. 


CIO Webinar Series I

The Rapidly Changing Role of the Effective CIO

Butch Leonardson makes a strong case for why today's CIO should be more focused on supporting and promoting the customer experience than on operations.


CIO Webinar Series II

IT Leadership Framework for Hi-Performing Organizations

Butch Leonardson discusses a time-tested leadership framework that supports the creation of partnerships between the business and IT that will ultimately deliver successful business outcomes.

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​Automate lending processes to boost profitability & competitive advantage

In the increasing competitive Financial services market, lenders are turning to ECM technology to provide quicker response to members/customers.

​First Interstate Bank: Improved Information Processes

First Interstate Bank with ImageSource to implement ECM processes that includes eForms creation, management and routing.

​First Interstate Bank: Improved Information Processes

First Interstate Bank optimizes account forms and data collection process. ImageSource designed and developed new standards for over 200 forms.

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ING Bank mortgage loan application process efficient and easy to use

In order to improve the mortgage loan application process, ING Bank implemented an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) infrastructure. The solution integrates a fax server with a document archive and retrieval system. 

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Automated mail extraction, imaging & workflow streamlines mailroom information processes

By integrating the automated mailroom solution designed by ImageSource, a major retailer can significantly increase ROI by decreasing labor required to process invoices at a central location.

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Non-profit research & analysis organization optimizes contract and grant services approval process with ECM system

ImageSource implemented a system that provided the technologies and infrastructure needed to optimize the work process supporting the organizations contract approval process. The organization replaced laborious and manual paper-based work processes with a state-of-the-art electronic document management system.

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​Comprehensive electronic document management and online capabilities streamline City of Oakland Agency

ImageSource answered the challenge with a state-of-the-art, fully integrated electronic document management system (EDMS) with associated hardware, back-file conversion services and maintenance.

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City of Oakland Adopts Innovate ECM Processes

The Community & Economic Development Agency at Oakland adopts new ECM system for capture and workflow of digital documents, web content and collaboration processes. The agency realizes efficiencies, improves access and reduces storage.


Enterprise Content Management Roadmap:
A Critical Component for Success

We continue to hear the same question over and over from our viewers and that is people want to know how these organizations even begin to deploy ECM? Deployment is a big undertaking and we've found that the key differentiator between ECM projects that are a success, and others that fail revolves largely around the planning stages. In this video we will share with you our patented methodology and how it has proven so valuable to our customer partners.

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