What’s on the ILINX roadmap & how it might benefit your ecosystem

Evaluating & comparing platforms

Best practices for extending your current technologies

Ways to move to a proactive management model

Laying the groundwork for future systems

Addressing your compliance challenges

Cradle to grave information management: from transaction to retention

Demand vs justification for mobile initiatives

Should you be leveraging your LOBs more?

Embedding risk management



It’s all about you

This year, Nexus® won’t consist of prepared breakouts, keynotes or exhibit time.
Instead, we’re presenting you with a unique opportunity to collaborate one-on-one
with your dream team of ImageSource® experts in a 2-4 hour session to
brainstorm and explore just about anything ECM-related.

You control the agenda

Tell us what you want to accomplish at Your Personal Nexus, and we’ll make it
happen. Items that other Customer Partners have requested include:
  • Strategic, long-term planning
  • In-depth product discussions
  • Product demos
  • ILINX® roadmap information
  • Upgrade/migration plan
  • Project roadmap & prioritization
  • ECM platform review & analysis
  • Discuss TCO, ROI and payback
  • ECM application review
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Investigate ECMECOSYSTEM®

Direct access to ImageSource experts

Once we know what’s on your agenda, we’ll put together an ImageSource
team, from executives to technology resources to professional services representatives,
to help you get exactly the information you’re looking for.

Tap into the ‘Source

At ImageSource, we have always strived to maintain long-term working partnerships
with our customers. Our experience with Personal Nexus meetings is
that they bring great value by getting all parties on the same page to help move
ECM forward strategically in your organization.
Your Account Executive will let you know when a Personal Nexus event will be
taking place in a city near you.