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Capture Best Practices-Beyond the Document

Covering what we know about non-traditional content and demystifying terms and technology.

ILINX Cognitive Services

Covering ILINX Cognitive Services and how to automate call center recordings for improved customer and constituent outcomes.

ILINX eForms

ImageSource CTO, Randy Weakly, walks through a couple of examples on how to use ILINX eForms to improve business processes. 

ILINX 9.1 Practical Customer Applications & Value

Bob Stellick, ImageSource Project Manager and Marni Carmichael, VP of Marketing, talk through the real value of ILINX 9.1 for our customer partners. 

ILINX + Cyber Security Best Practices

Our speakers share cyber security best practices and how to keep your organization in front of risks while truly utilizing data and content with our ILINX platform. 

Five Tips to Creating a Content Platform Strategy

John Mancini, former President of AIIM International spoke to three of our customer partners from a credit services company, a large credit union, and a government agency to share their experiences collaborating with the ImageSource, Inc. team on expanding their point content solution to an enterprise content platform strategy.

Information Security & Data Loss Prevention Webinar

Preventing unintended disclosure was challenging before COVID19 when people essentially worked from within the company facility’s controls and walls. Even then, the content was not typically shared outside of the enterprise without a fair amount of policy, procedure, and thought. Now in our current WFH environment, whether we like it or not, we are external from some of the office’s safeguards and inherently more at risk.

ILINX Software Version 9 Release

We are thrilled to share and announce the launch of our ILINX Platform Version 9.0. We have been working with our customer partners to enhance ILINX, adding brand-new product modules, and improving ease of use and efficiency.

The ECMECOSYSTEM Methodology Webinar

Learn how our ECMECOSYSTEM® methodology helped organizations like Costco, Suzuki, and others go through decisions on technology platform changes, migrations, and establishing digital transformation.

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