Two birds, one stone: ILINX eForms

ILINX has yet another tool to enable capture anywhere your work takes you. ILINX eForms is a flexible, user-friendly electronic forms software for the capture, processing and delivery of data, images, even signatures. It can do so in a variety of ways, by using a keyboard, a finger or stylus on a touchscreen (using Intelligent Character Recognition or ICR) and even a database lookup. It allows you to add an attachment, or take a picture and embed it in the form. And ILINX eForms can be accessed on a variety of devices, from desktop to tablet to smartphone. Did I mention it is flexible?

There are hundreds of work scenarios that can benefit from ILINX eForms. Inspectors, assessors and adjustors can use eForms to submit forms real-time, from wherever the are required to travel on the job. Consumers can submit applications from any device. Medical centers can provide patients with tablets to fill out the plethora of forms that are required prior to treatment, saving time and improving accuracy.

In yet another example, Stanislaus County Court will be utilizing ILINX eForms, where the application will replace paper processes. Court clerks will use eForms to record transactions and use it on tablets to capture signatures, then route the information to the bench where the judge will finalize the process and submit to a back-end system.

Check out this video, which demonstrates ILINX eForms on a tablet:


Carol Carbone Jellison
Program Manager, Marketing