I Am Not a Fan of the Cliché

I am not a fan of the cliché “Best Business Practices”. It is a very over used term and seems to imply there is some magic solution out there that will make everything better. The truth be known, best business practice is leveraging knowledge gained through experience at someone else’s expense. Why would you reinvent the wheel if someone has already figured it out? You wouldn’t. Many times I see companies selling software to customers for the sake of selling something, only to have it sit on a shelf and collect dust.

Case in point: it would be a total waste of money to sell Advanced Capture to automate the processing of invoices in an AP department if the potential customer is only processing 200 invoices a month and has only 2 AP processors doing the work. Best business practices, I think not—there are other, less costly and more efficient ways. Now let’s change the scenario a little: if the customer is processing tens of thousands of invoices a month and has a dozen or so AP processors, would Advanced Capture make sense? Would this represent best business practices? Absolutely. Bottom-line, doing what is best for the customer in their environment and around their needs is practicing “Best Business Practices”. To summarize, I highly recommend to all my customers to engage someone to help you choose the right products.

For more information on automating AP processes, check out our upcoming Webinar on October 30th, 2013 from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.

Bob Garrido
Senior Account Executive
ImageSource, Inc.