Save Time and Money With Advanced Capture

Does your organization waste valuable time and resources to manually prep documents? Are you tired of manually typing in data which oftentimes isn’t inputted accurately and error-free? If you want to venture away from these tedious slow processes, there are solutions out there! Advanced capture technologies will streamline and automate the transformation of documents into structured electronic information for your business processes.

Advanced Capture can classify, separate and extract any document regardless of type, content or format. For example, if you need to scan in a huge stack of invoices from various vendors with different formats, you no longer have to sort. Advanced capture technology such as ILINX Advanced  Capture, automatically extracts data (OCR, ICR, OMR) such as the invoice number and company name regardless of the placement of this information on the document. Advanced capture isn’t rules based or template based, so the technology actually “learns-by-example.” It can adapt to changes in invoice format using an automatic learning feature enabling to learn new document types in real times as documents are processed live. Once the data is extracted, it will go through the data validation stage that utilizes the organization’s business rules to make sure the data is accurate. Now the documents are stored electronically and can easily be searched and retrieved based on the indexed information.

Advantages of an advanced capture solution:

  • Greater profitability by processing documents faster
  • Strengthen controls by increasing visibility and reducing risk of compliance failure
  • Reduce operating costs by drastically reducing manual labor.

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Tracy Lim
Account Executive
ImageSource Inc.